Saturday, May 8, 2010


Live forever without bias against others

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Klaus said...


My apologies for contacting you via a comment instead of direct email, but I could not find your address anywhere ;)

I'm currently collecting data on writing a book on game AI, preferably in german, possibly in english as well. I came across your very nice article "Unangband Monster AI" and rather like it, thus adding it to my data collection.
As I'm weird enough to prefer to read away from the PC at times (and scribble on the notes), I printed it out. Seeing that the pages were not easy to print, I turned the whole thing into a PDF via LaTeX.

If you're interested, I'll email it to you - perhaps you'd like to make it available for the rest of the world?. Simply contact me via email, which is my name (KlausBreuer) on the google mail system.

Greetings from beer-crazy Munich at the other end of the world,

Klaus Breuer